Why this blog ?

I stopped my career of IT engineer in 2016, at the age of 39 in order to focus on my financial investments, mainly on the stock market.

The goal of this blog is purely selfish as it is a way for me to record my investments ideas, actions and performance. It is also a place where I can re-visit my thoughts, ideas and investment processes over time and/or write anything I may find relevant or interesting for me in the investment area, with no intention of providing any valuable content for potential readers. However, I am happy to exchange ideas and opinions with you.

I am French, living in The Netherlands. The articles in this blog are written in French and English, depending on my mood.

And now, disclaimer time:
Any content in this blog should not be considered investment advice and this blog for sure contains errors and inaccuracies. Any investment decision you make should be based solely on your own judgement. 

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